EditPlus 4.0.840 Full Keygen Latest Version 2017

EditPlus is a program that is designed to facilitate the editing of text-based HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, C ++, VBScript, and Other Text. And to Add Code-Code in the desired script.

EditPlus is perfect for the author's website or as an alternative to Notepad ++ Programmer.

version 4.0
* Supports keyboard input on column selection.
* 'Reload unsaved buffers' option ( 'Preferences' -> 'General').
* 'Auto Indent on Paste' menu option ( 'Edit' -> 'Clipboard').
* Base64 Encode / Decode commands ( 'Edit' -> 'Convert').
* 'Insert spaces instead of tabs' option Allows different number of spaces.
* Allows double click on Fonts dialog box.

<Bug fixes>
* The program could crash when loading files in right-to-left language.
* 'An additional file name' option for Settings & syntax did not work.
* URL highlighting could not handle multiple URLs in a single line.
* Print command tabs Showed in wrong sizes.
* Drag and drop cliptext item did not work Correctly.
* Fixes issue of screen updates when changing the font.
* Join Line now does not add extra spaces at the end of the line.
* Custom icon for User Toolbar Correctly did not show in High DPI screens.
* Prevents keyboard Unmatched column being changed by moving the mouse pointer.
* Cliptext CTL window could not load files in Unix format.
* Fixes issue document tab on Windows 10 preview.

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