Download Zorin OS 8.1 Core

Download Zorin OS 8.1 Core

Zorin OS 8.1 Core is a Linux -based operating system that has a very cool look and incredible speed even much faster than Windows 7 . Because of Zorin OS 8.1 Core is made with a Linux-based OS , then you do not need to be confused anymore for activation problems , because Linux is an open source application that is free to use .

Zorin OS 8.1 Core has a loading speed far above windows 7 , then the desktop look very elegant and also easy to understand because it has been designed to resemble the look of Windows 7 . So for those of you who just never tried Linux , This Zorin OS 8.1 Core is linux OS is very appropriate for you .
Main advantages.

The Zorin OS operating system gives you the ultimate desktop experience . Some of the advantages of Zorin OS :
  • No risk of getting viruses .
  • Much faster than Windows 7 .
  • An easy to use and familiar desktop .
  • Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer .
  • Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system .
  • All the software you'll ever need out of the box .
  • Extremely versatile and customizable Open Source software .
  • Available in over 55 languages ​​.

Description :
  • Zorin OS - a multi - functional operating system designed for users of Windows speci , who want to try to switch to Linux . Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu , the which is the most popular Linux operating system in the world .
  • Zorin OS environment used in the GNOME Desktop Environment . The user interface is close to the distribution of Windows 7 , and is included in the selection of programs , similar to the familiar Windows 7 users

Md5 sum :

zorin - os - 8.1 - core - 64.iso

zorin - os - 8.1 - core - 32.iso

Link Download :

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