Download Directx 11 StandAlone Installer (Offline Installer)

Download Directx 11 StandAlone Installer (Offline Installer)

DirectX 11 is an application that is needed for those of you who often play games with high graphics or run applications with good quality graphics . Without the use of DirectX 11 , you will not be able to play HD games or applications that require high graphics . Therefore, if you install games and then games that you install does not work , then most likely your computer or laptop is not already installed DirectX 11 . Then , soon you download DirectX 11 is now also StandAlone Installer and install to your pc or laptop .

DirectX 11 is StandAlone Installer, so you can install the operating system for a wide range including : Windows 7 , Windows XP , Windows Server 8 , Windows Vista , Windows Server 2003 Server Pack , Windows XP Service Pack 3 , and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 . So any OS you use on your computer or laptop you can still install the directx 11 .

Here I share StandAlone Installer DirectX 11 , which in this version you can install directx 11 without requiring an internet connection . In addition you 'll also be able to save the installer DirectX 11 is for you to use to install directx on a computer or laptop at a later time .

Then to check if your PC or laptop already installed directx 11 or not following way :
  1. Click the start button
  2. Select Run
  3. Type Dxdiag and hit enter
  4. If a dialog box just click ok
  5. Later will come the specs of your PC . Look at the bottom of the column directx version .
  6. If there is written directx 10 , then you should immediately download DirectX 11 StandAlone Installer and install it to your computer
  7. But if there reads DirectX 11 , then you do not need to download the DirectX 11 StandAlone Installer .

Link Download :

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