Super Hide IP 2014 v Full Patch

Super Hide IP 2014 v Full Patch

Nowadays the Internet has almost become one of our basic needs of all . If we are confused about an issue , we no longer have to go to the library to look for books or other resources , but we just open the google and type in the problem we are looking for , then be plastered all the answers we need. Because of the importance of the need for the Internet , of course people who are not responsible to utilize this moment to commit a crime . Therefore, protect your privacy when you surf or browse the Internet using SSuper Hide IP v 2014.

Super Hide IP v 2014 was largely a program that will hide your IP address when we browse on the internet . For those of you who do not know what the IP , I will explain a little here . IP address of our house is like in the real world . Therefore we hide your real IP with us , then other people will not be able to commit crimes against us .

You can use a fake IP address from another country to replace your real IP address . Many things can be done with this little software . Among them apart you can browse using anonymous IP , you can also go to forums where your real IP in the tire ( on the Block ) by the administrator of the forum .

Super Hide IP 2014 v Full Patch

Key features Super Hide IP :
  • Protects from any site that Tries to " monitor " of your preferences or follow you on a unique IP address
  • Helps avoid the use of your personal information to send spam and other debris
  • Protects against hackers by hiding IP addresses .
  • Ability to frequently change IP addresses increases safety
  • Enable and disable Hide IP as you wish in one click
  • Allows you to bypass the limitation of the owners of some resources on users from certain countries or geographical regions
  • Used with the mail - service to send anonymous letters
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  1. Nice article ! Nowadays, there are a lot of software like VPN available to hide ip address to surf internet anonymously . The purpose of hiding ip address from the public view provides security to the browsers so, they can prevent from ip hacking . After hiding their original ip, one can check whether their ip gets changed or not by using


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