StarDock WindowsBlinds 8.04 Full Crack

StarDock WindowsBlinds 8.04 Full Crack

WindowsBlinds 8.04 is the latest software from WindowsBlinds that can help you to change all the look of your windows from logon windows, theme windows, windows icon, windows fonts, and many others that can not even be done by a skin pack though. Here I share WindowsBlinds 8 full crack so for those of you who are looking for WindowsBlinds 8 crack crack can also download it right here. You do not have to pay anything to get the cool software on this one, all of these can be downloaded for free here. 

There are so many premium features that you will get by downloading this WindowsBlinds 8 full crack here. So that you can know all the premium features of the WindowsBLIND 8.04, please see the explanation below. 

Features WindowsBlinds 8 crack: 

  • Ability to change the font. 
  • Ability to change background Fodor, control panel .... 
  • Ability to change color. 
  • Ability to change the appearance of the unchanging by Skin. 
  • New Stayl pre-prepared and beautiful. 
  • New styles with different modes. 
  • Ability to download new styles and the website software. 
  • Ability to preview the changes. 
  • Easy to implement changes. 
  • You changed the prevailing styles Storage. 
  • Create a schedule for automatic switching of the random styles. 
  • Choose the specific style for each application. 
  • Support for Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012. 

How To Install WindowsBlinds 8 full crack: 

  1. If the old version on the system, you must delete it. Please note that all files should be deleted, especially registry files Easily do so for a specific application can be used to remove the software. 
  2. Install the software. 
  3. Run the software and click on Try WindowBlinds 8. 
  4. Appeared on the screen, enter your email and then enter the e-mail and click on the link sent to you 30 days to activate the software. 
  5. The software then go back and click on Next. 
  6. Choose a style to suit your system and then close the application. 
  7. Run the Crack.exe file. (Run as administrator) 
  8. Click on Install Auto Reset. 

You do not worry, because after you use this crack, then after 30 days your trial period runs out, the software will automatically WindowsBlinds 8.04 back again filling 30-day trial period again. Although this will only be a trial software forever, but you can still use all the features of this WindowsBlinds 8.

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