Google Chrome 33.0.1750.146 Final Offline Installer

Google Chrome 33.0.1750.146 Final Offline Installer

Google Chrome browser combines advanced technology with a simple UI , to make faster , safer and easier browsing encroachment . Launched in 2008 , Google Chrome is rapidly changing 2 Horse Race browser to be the most used browser globally within 4 years since it was released to the public .
speed :

Google area may invest some development time to distinguish from other browsers . Google Chrome is fast , really fast . Launcher very quickly from your desktop , run applications at speeds thanks to powerful javascript engines and loads pages quickly using the WebKit open source rendering engine . Add this to faster search and navigation options from the simplified UI and you have a browser that is pretty hard to beat the speed .

Neat and simpe :

Simple UI has not changed much since the launch of the beta version in 2008 . Google focuses on streamlining unnecessary toolbar space to maximize the exploration of real estate . This browser tool consists of three lines , the top layer stacks automatically adjust the horizontal tab , new tab icon next to the simple and standard minimize , expand and close the control window . Middle row includes three navigation controls ( Back, Forward and Stop / Refresh ) , the URL box which also allows direct Google web search and bookmark star icon . Extensions and lined browser settings icon to the right of the URL box . The third line consists of a bookmark folder and installed applications . Easy ignored now , this clean UI is a breath of fresh air compared to the popular browser toolbars crowded pre - 2008.

personal :

Another feature that is very popular , Incognito mode allows you to browse by disabling recording personal history , reducing the breadcrumbs and remove tracking cookies tracked in shutdown . Chrome settings also allow you to adjust the privacy preferences of regular browsing .

security :

Chrome sandboxing prevents malware is automatically installed on your computer or affect any other browser tabs . Chrome's Safe Browsing technology also has a built in malware and phishing protection which warns you if you find a site that allegedly contains software / malicious activity . Regular automatic updates ensure security features are up to date and effective .

Google Chrome Standalone Installer 33.0.1750.146 Final is the latest browser from chrome and is the most stable version of google chrome until today . Chrome is a browser that is famous the lightest and fastest to date . Secrets of the speed of google chrome javascript is located on the system used on the browser which uses javascript v8 . V8 javascript technology allows you to open a web page faster than other browsers .

Since Google Chrome Standalone Installer 33.0.1750.146 Final is a browser released by Google , then in terms of security you do not need to worry about it anymore . Come immediately download the latest Google Chrome is now 2014 .

New Features of Google Chrome 33 Offline Installer:
  • Perform searches : Say " Ok Google , how many ounces are in a cup ? ​​"
  • Set a timer : Say " Ok Google , set a timer for 30 minutes"
  • Create a reminder for Google Now : Say " Ok Google , remind me to pick up dessert at 6pm tonight "

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