Windows Xp Pro Sp4 x86 Activated + Sata Drivers Update 2013

Windows Xp until now still has its own place in the hearts of Windows Xp lovers. Yes now it has emerged that Windows 8.1 has capabilities far above the windows xp , but for some people , windows xp remains irreplaceable .

Issues that says that Windows XP is no longer an update will appear in the next year to make a lot of people started to leave the windows xp . But there are some people who have a love with windows xp is , makes little remarkable renewal on windows xp pro sp3 . They made ​​some changes in windows xp windows xp that would make it become more responsive . Well this changes then known as Windows Xp Pro Sp4 .

Remember yes friend , windows xp Pro Sp4 is not authorized Official from Microsoft , but you do not need to worry as long as microsoft still do update you can still do updates from microsoft . Here I provide a serial to activate  this windows Xp Pro Sp4 latest Version .

Microsoft updates until 11.12.2013 , Internet Explorer 8 , Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.152 , add-ons , Chipset and SATA drivers.

Windows Xp Pro Sp4 x86 Activated + Sata Drivers Update 2013

Windows Xp Pro Sp4 x86 :
- NO additional programs and software added .
- NO graphics , scripts and wallpapers added or changed .
- Windows Messenger , MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer 6 were removed .
- It's the original image from Microsoft except updates added , IE8 , Adobe Flash Player , . NET Framework 3.0 , 3.5, 4 , Silverlight , PowerShell , BitLocker , Image Mastering API , MSXML 4.0 , Chipset and SATA drivers

Link Download :

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