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VirtualBox is a virtualization software is the best and the lightest that you can use to test an operating system either windows or linux under the existing operating system . the point here you can install windows like windows xp , windows 7 , windows 8 , and linux without having to install by removing the windows system which already exists on your computer / laptop . This software is very useful for you who love to keep changing the operating system on your computer or laptop .

For you who want to install windows / os latest , before you install it , you better first test as to what you want to install windows so that later you do not commute to install windows on your computer / laptop if you install windows that are less suitable for you . It is a virtual tool windows is not so perfect as when installing directly on the PC or computer, but at least we can see / know almost 90 % of the Windows OS that we test in this VirtualBox .

This virtualization software including virtual software that is very lightweight and easy to use , because it has a simple look , so it is easily understood by common people . Then this software is open source software , so you do not need any license to activate this software .

To be able to use virtualbox optimally you should always update to the newest version of the software , as this will affect the process of testing the windows that we do in VirtualBox . Well this time I got this software with the newest update VirtualBox Final .

Features added and revamped in VirtualBox Final :

  • VMM : fix for a bug in the Local APIC emulation Causing a BSOD when booting certain guests
  • VMM : fixed loading of saved states if VT-x/AMD-V was disabled
  • VMM : fixed single - stepping inside the house for certain instructions
  • VMM : fixed a performance issue involving APIC accesses after rebooting a VM
  • VMM : fixed TPR patching to be enabled for 32 - bit guests even when the chosen house type is 64 - bit ( 4.3.0 regression ; AMD - V only)
  • VMM : fixed occasional errors VINF_EM_TRIPLE_FAULT on hosts without the unrestricted guest execution feature
  • GUI : do not bother the user with the BPP warning if no Guest Additions are installed
  • GUI : fixed machine - window paint artifacts on VM reboot / guest - screen resize
  • GUI : make sure the assigned license and description are attached to the exported appliance
  • GUI : fixed VM close bugs in action handling restrictions
  • GUI : fixed incorrect text wizards for some unusual colors look and feel styles
  • GUI : seamless mode should restore as soon as possible after a VM reboot or shutdown
  • GUI : fixes for enumeration medium
  • GUI : the OS X hot corners were not accessible while a VirtualBox VM is running
  • GUI : fixed an old bug from the which bared the host cleanly shutdown / reboot if the VM selector window is open
  • Host-only Networking : fixed creating of a host -only network interfaces
  • NAT : do not run into an infinite loop in case the host can not access any server control
  • NAT : do not re -connect the cable if the DNS information changes and the cable was disconnected before
  • NAT : fixed several issues with automatically starting / terminating of NAT networks on VM start / stop and configuration changes
  • VBoxNetDHCP : do not block Prevent VBoxSVC from terminating
  • 2D Video acceleration : fixed crashes on presentation mode switches
  • BusLogic : allow to run VMs with more than one BusLogic SCSI controller enabled
  • Keyboard : fixed a crash if a VM VM was resumed from a saved state where at least one key was pressed
  • VBoxSVC : Fixed a heap corruption under certain conditions
  • VBoxSVC : fixed a race leading to a hang during initialization
  • OVF : fixed import OVF appliances containing logic for multiple VMs
  • OVF : improved logic for finding an appropriate image format during import OVF
  • API : block the removal of the current snapshot if it has child snapshots ( only relevant for VMs without snapshottable hard disks , their presence always prevented removal ) , the which resulted in the VM configuration corruption
  • API : mark VM configurations with snapshots but without current snapshot as inaccessible , as this combination is nonsense
  • API : fixed automatically generated information for some events ( only with XPCOM , Windows hosts was not affected) , the which the caused errors when getting some of the attributes over the webservice
  • SDK : extended the functionality of the coverage for the C bindings
  • Guest Control : various bug fixes and improved VBoxManage help
  • Windows hosts : another attempt to fix the massive DPC latency
  • Windows hosts installer : make registering file extensions optional , Contributed by Tal Aloni
  • Mac OS X hosts : properly sign the kernel extensions for the host Mavericks
  • Mac OS X hosts : fixed a bug where the VirtualBox dock icon was not properly removed from the dock after a VM terminated Mavericks Preventing hosts from shutting down
  • Mac OS X hosts : fixed minor installer issue
  • Linux hosts / guests : fixes compile Linux 3:13
  • Linux guests : build the kernel module vboxvideo Correctly on OL / RHEL 6.1 guest
  • Linux guests : make 3D work on Slackware 14.1
  • Guest Additions/3D : fixed an occasional dead- lock
  • Windows Additions/3D : fixed possible memory leaking
  • Windows Additions / XPDM : use separate tables containing valid video modes for each virtual monitor
  • Windows Additions : fixed automatic logins for Windows Vista and newer hotel guest

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