TeraCopy Pro 2.3 Final Full Serial

TeraCopy Pro 2.3 Final Full Serial

TeraCopy Pro 2.3 Final Full Serial is the latest software to speed up the process of copy and paste on your laptop computer . If you often copy and paste to conduct flash disk and file transfer speeds feel that you are doing a very slow , it's time you tried to use the software to speed up the file transfer process TeraCopy Pro 2.3 Final Full Serial.

By using this software you can pause and resume a file transfer process or copy and paste . The secret behind the speed of transferring files using this software is that the transfer process be broken into pieces to speed the process of generating the maximum copy and paste files . It is the same with one of the features of the IDM software which is the best software to accelerate the download process .

Here I provide a serial to activate TeraCopy Pro 2014 software in order to become a full version software .

Key features TeraCopy Pro :
- Allows you to check the CRC and compare options before and after copying / moving .
- The program copies from multiple files using a special buffer .
- Easily integrates into the conductor , replacing the standard copy dialog .
- Ability to pause and resume copying .
- Ability to skip a file in the queue for copying .
- Asynchronous copy speeds and increase of the speed of transmission between two hard drives .
- Full support for Unicode .

TeraCopy Pro 2.3 New Features :
• Added : ' Remove other ' to remove non -selected files from the list [ Pro ] .
• Added : Better handling multiple copy processes .
• Added : Multiple retries to delete source files and folders after moving .
• Added : Tray notification when adding files to the existing process .
• Fixed : Problem with some non - Latin filenames .
• Fixed : Copied files now have a correct creation time .
• Added : WaitBeforeMinimize option to this file .

Operating system : Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8

Link Download :

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