Super Mini Windows Xp Professional Sp3 x86 Lite Update 2013

Super Mini Windows Xp Professional Sp3 x86 Lite Update 2013

You have a computer with minimal specification and idle at home ? You should just try to install using windows Xp . Maybe Windows Xp that I share this time suitable for you , this time I share a super mini windows Xp . Why the name super mini ? Yes because in general windows xp has a size of about 500 Mb , nah windows xp this time measuring only 190 Mb and the name Windows Xp Professional sp3 x86 Lite . Not very small in size ? But although small , these windows also have the same function anyway with other standard windows Xp .

Windows Xp Professional sp3 x86 Lite  is also equipped with the latest updates from microsoft until the end of 2013 November yesterday and must already be activated immediately when installed . There are some applications that are ready to be installed in the windows Xp Lite are: Mozilla Firefox 25.0 , ClearType tuning , and media player classic .

Just a bit of information , all windows admin share here already passed the test of tests using virtual box or computer directly , including Windows Xp Professional sp3 x86 Lite  . In the installation is the language used is the language of Alien ( Portuguese ) . I am sure you are already frequently install windows must have memorized the steps right to choose. To replace it with the English language I have not had time to test , so excuse me . If you want to change try to use language packs .

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