Mouse Speed Switcher 3.3.2

Mouse Speed Switcher 3.3.2

For You fans of the games , especially those of you who like to play games online , the sensitivity of the mouse to be one of the important things for you . Especially for those of you who do not have a mouse or mouse macros that can set the sensitivity of the pointer speed . Certainly, you often feel upset if you do not have a mouse pointer speed as you wish . So to overcome that this time will share the admin application called Mouse Speed ​​Switcher 3.3.2 .

Mouse Speed ​​Switcher 3.3.2 is software that serves to regulate the speed of the mouse pointer on your computer or laptop . Especially for those of you who use laptops , because this software can adjust the mouse pointer speed of up to 5 pieces . You are using a laptop can be separately set the pointer speed for the touchpad and an external mouse . So you do not need to go back and forth to change the mouse pointer speed settings on your laptop . Simply you adjust the speed of each mouse touch-pad and an external mouse.

Mouse Speed Switcher 3.3.2
This software is freeware , so you do not need a patch or crack to make this application into a full version software .

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