Windows 7 Sp1 AIO x86 x64 Update November 2013 Full ISO

Windows 7 is still the most favored people . There are so many who still use windows 7 although now it has emerged windows 8.1 . Many still have not switched to Windows 8.1 for the reason there are still some applications that do not support with windows 8.1 .

The fans still remain faithful to the games also use Windows 7 as the operating system on their computer . Well because there are still a lot of interest in the Windows 7 , so this time my goodness windows 7 Sp1 AIO with the latest updates from Microsoft until the month of november 2013.

AIO here is the All In One , so in this one DVD you will get the system windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit as well . You do not need to download them one by one windows 32 bit and 64 bit . If you want to use windows 7 32 bit , then you just select the 32 -bit version of Windows 7 when installation is later . Vice versa if you want to install windows 7 64 bit , then during installation you just select 64 bit system .

Here its existing activator in windowsnya file , so after installation you just run the activator for windows 7 that are in the DVD and windows 7 you will be genuine .

Link Download :

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