Rainmeter New Version 3.1 Final ( Cool Desktop Software)

Rainmeter is a desktop software that can make on our PCs to be very cool . With this software we can add some cool gadgets to appear in our PC desktop . We can also display a variety of attributes that cool - cool in accordance with the wishes and our creativity , so we will have a desktop that is only owned by us , he. Cool right ? for how to use please follow the steps below. For those who want to try a cool Rainmeter New Version 3.1 Final software, please download at the link I provided below . Oh y I also provide a variety of sites to download Rainmeter theme , so my friends can choose the theme you want my friends applied on your PC , he. Below I will explain how to use Rainmeter New Version 3.1 Final

Free use of the latest version of Rainmeter New Version 3.1 Final :

1 . Download Rainmeter program in the link below

2 . Install and run the program Rainmeter .

3 . Once installed on the desktop of my friends would look like this
4 . Take it easy , this is just the first step , . and we will first eliminate all of these will be replaced with the theme that we want .

5 . To remove it , click the Rainmeter icon located in the lower left corner or open the program through windows. 

6 . Then click the " expand illustro " so that it will open its parts such as : Clock , disk , feeds , until finally welcome.

7 . Then click the expand button and click clock.ini clock that appears on the right of the screen the clock information , we click unlock to remove the skin clock on the desktop . Do the same for all parts up welcome.

8 . Once everything is gone , we close the program Rainmeter . and we Rainmeter skin theme to our liking . My friends can choose and download any theme Rainmeter skin on the link I have provided below or do a google search, he.

9 . Then you choose the skin theme and download.

10 . Once downloaded and then copy - paste it into the theme folder : Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins . Once refreshed and out of the folder.

11 . Run Rainmeter and my friends would see the folder of the theme of my friends downloaded earlier ( here I use the Rainmeter Skins theme , Iron Man Prototype Themes , and Cybersphere ) . If the skin theme of my friends are not click refresh all located in the lower left corner Rainmeter .

12 . After that my friends just select the skin you want show my friends on my friends desktop PC by click LOAD and to eliminate just select Unload . The result will be different according to the creativity of my friends .

13 . Enjoy you desktop .

14 . Below are some screenshots PC using this Rainmeter

15 . Hopefully this explanation makes you using Rainmeter is not confusion .

Link Download :

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  1. El link del Theme Skin Iron Man Prototipo ya no esta disponible :(


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