HDDExpert v1.6.0.8 For Harrdisk Health Check

HDDExpert is a software that can help you to check the health of the hard drive in your PC or laptop with great detail . If you feel there is something wrong happens to your hard drive , you do not just guess - just guess . Immediately find out the error by using this software .

You will get all the very detailed information about the hard drive on your PC . Starting from information on the SMART disk , information from your hard drive manufacturer , serial number firmware used , until the temperature of your hard disk.

In addition to displaying detailed information , HDDExpert v1.6.0.8 will also give you a warning if the temperature in your hard drive reaches the maximum limit , the software will suggest you to change the fan configuration used .

HDDExpert v1.6.0.8 will also feature the damage information on your hard drive . There are some signs in the form of colors for each component inspected . If there is a red mark on one of the components is checked , it means your hard drive require a serious against the option. And it would be better if you immediately back up all your important files stored on the hard drive to the other temporary storage area .

Some key features of this software Hard Drive Health Checks :
  • Class smart features and classification
  • Deciphering smart features
  • Offering a solution to solve the problems
  • Compatibility with a variety of windows
  • International support
  • Simple GUI
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