Update Patch WE 9 October 2013

Update Patch WE 9 October 2013 - you are football game fans, definitely familiar with Winning Eleven 9 games or what we know as WE9 . Yes this is true this football games long enough , but there are still many who play these games because these games are very popular in its day ever . After yesterday I updated my time now PESEdit 2014 Patch WE9 latest updates for you the fans Winning Eleven 9 .

Inside the Update Patch WE 9 October 2013 , there have been some recent player transfers such as the return of Kaka to AC Milan , Neymar , who is playing in Barcelona , and also Fellaini who is now defending the red devil . How ? Already can not wait to play the games WE 9 with his latest player updates ? Immediate Download pdate Patch WE 9 October 2013 is now well .

Link Download :

How to Patch WE 9 :
  1. Download and extract the Update Patch WE 9 October 2013.
  2. Copy the file " KONAMI - WIN32WE9UOPT " and paste it to C :/ Program Files / Konami / WE 9/Save/Folder1 and select replace .
  3. Play games WE 9 update you with the latest player now .
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